The love of God for you

To try to understand the love of God, let's say that you are a parent.

What happens when your child does something you have forbidden him to do ? You told him not to see horror films, but he did. So he began to have nightmares and couldn't sleep anymore. You knew that it would be bad for him, and that is why you had forbidden him to do it. But now you are disappointed by his foolish action because he didn't listen to you. He didn't gain anything by disobeying you. You punish him so he won't do it again. However, he gets angry, and not only does it again but even mocks you and continues in this way with more and more serious consequences. He now begins to steal and to be a bad person. You know that he is on the road to nowhere but you can't do anything. Now, he has even committed a murder. What ? Your child ! What shall you do then ? Reject him, let him live his life, or accept him, perhaps even forgive him ?

The same happens between God and us. He gives us His directives, but we refuse them because we don't like them. We prefer to live in our own way, without caring about the evil we do. As a result, we degrade ourselves and hurt others through hate, jealousy, criticism, hurtful or impure words, etc... How will God react ?
It is true that we are not all criminals. However, Jesus has said: 'But I tell you that anyone who is angry with his brother will be subject to judgment' (Matthew 5:22). This is why it is important to know what we have done wrong towards others and towards God.

Let's take the preceding example again. Let us assume that you could take the punishment that the crime of your son requires, so that he would be totally freed. To reach this goal, you will be put behind bars to pay for his crime. If this was the only way possible to avoid him taking this punishment, would you do it ? Difficult question, isn't it ? Would your love be great enough to do that, or would he not simply deserve to pay for what he had done ?

We often say that God doesn't bother about human beings. Don't be so sure, there is nothing farther from the truth! Read this carefully:
'For God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have Eternal Life' (John 3:16).
Oh, how incredibly wonderful! As the parent would have helped his son, God has taken the decision to suffer instead of you so that your sins would be forgiven. In fact, He has accepted that a part of Himself - His Only Son - would receive the very punishment you deserve. This was the only way that you could be saved, and He could still be just.
In this way, through the Grace that God has toward you, you can finally be made just. If you believe that God had the love required in the example above to send Jesus for you, and if you invite Him in your heart, then you will be saved (Rom.10:9) and God will come into your heart. You will immediately receive Eternal Life which will enable you to enter the Kingdom of God, where there is no more death or mourning or crying or pain or injustice like here on earth.

This is the only real Good News that every human being needs to hear, and if he accepts it, he will be forgiven all the bad things he has done.
Yes, God loves you much more than you could imagine. He knows your weaknesses and your fears but still wants you to be close to Himself for ever. He has done everything for you. He has given the best he could give, that is, he gave his Son, Jesus-Christ. If you are serious about this message, and you believe that it comes from God, then receive Jesus in your heart today. Do not wait, for you never know what tomorrow will bring. Many will never enter the Kingdom of God because of their reticence in wanting to enter it, do not be like them...

If you are still in doubt that God may have done all this for you, then read this prophecy that God gave long before that Jesus came, to prove to religious people that He would sacrifice Jesus to save them. You will understand the power of what God did for you through Jesus, and will be able to fully believe in Him.