Terms of use

We have tried to let you have the maximum freedom possible concerning copyright. Contrary to other pictures that are found on the Internet, ours can be used more freely. You can therefore modify them, apply some filters to them, change their colours, keep them on your hard-disk, print them, use them as wallpaper, and even publish them under certain conditions.
Here are the rights which apply to all our pictures:

  1. The contracting parties are the user (legal entity or natural person) and the supplier of the pictures, Edenpics.com.
  2. The use of all or part of the Edenpics pictures on a medium aiming at leading a propaganda such as violent in character, religious* or spiritual as well as advertising for alcohol, smoking or drugs is strictly prohibited.
    *Except specific inquiry from Christians, with presentation of the project, after agreement.
  3. Non-exhaustive list of examples of forbidden uses (added to the above description): Catholicism, Mormonism, Jehovah Witnesses, Occultism, Bahai, New Age, hatred, homosexuality, sex related, partial nudity. The permission will systematically be refused so there is no need to ask for.
  4. Commercial use of these pictures for an Internet site is allowed (for making the design for example). Mentioning the source is not required, but the number of photographs allowed for one site is limited to 10, all links included.
  5. Commercial use other than for an Internet site is allowed ONLY as long as the source is clearly mentioned, on the picture or in direct proximity in a visible manner, in the following phrase: 'Picture: Edenpics.com'. You can put it in the language of your medium if you want. The maximum number of pictures allowed to be spread on the same medium is also 10.
  6. All modifications of the pictures are possible (resize, change of colors, taking back a part of the picture only, use of filters, superposition of pictures, etc…) as long as all the points above are respected and that the credit uses the following phrase: 'Picture: Edenpics.com (retouched)'.
  7. All the pictures available on this site are protected by International Copyright Law, and are copyrighted © Edenpics.com, and appending any other copyright (with watermark or anything else) is therefore not possible for you and against the law, even if the pictures have been modified.
  8. For any use of these pictures on a media support (like the Internet, powerpoint presentation, etc..), with a maximum of 10 pictures per site or media, you HAVE to leave the text 'edenpics-com' in the file name, with something else after this text allowed, if it fills the other requirements mentionned here.
  9. For web sites, you are not allowed to link one of our pictures URL directly on your pages. You have to download it first on your server and then link to this new URL, for bandwidth fairplay.
The releasing date of these terms of use is: 2006.08.30
For all utilizations going beyond these terms, and that will be charged, inquiries can be made at info-en (only in English, French or German).
That's all concerning the terms of use, hoping that it is not too restrictive for you. However, we do not want to promote anything that is against minimum ethical standard.