Our belief

We belong to the Christian Evangelical Churches. We believe that God is all powerful, and that by sending His Only Son Jesus to Earth, He has sent a part of Himself (His Word). We believe therefore that God has visited men ! (John 1:1-11).

We believe equally that Jesus is the only Saviour that has been given to men by whom we must be forgiven and reconciled with God (Acts 4:12). We believe that God reveals Himself today to anyone who wants to know Him, which is exactly our case. We love Him with all our heart, because 'He first loved us' (1 John 4:19).

We believe that God is not dead or far away as some people pretend (these people are blind), but that He is alive and that He still does miracles today. We are all witnesses of this. In fact we are certain that God has spoken to men through His Word, the Bible. If mankind is able to communicate together, how much more is their Creator capable of doing so!

The Bible is our only foundation, and the Holy Spirit is our guide and our support to help us to stay strong in this world deprived of God, and to 'guide us into all Truth', as Jesus said (John 16:13).